TOMS founded the One for One business model in 2006, on the simple belief that we can build a better tomorrow, together.

As a leader in social business, we will always listen and innovate around the changing needs of the world. The time has come for the progressive evolution our original One for One model to broaden our collective impact through addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time.

To build a better tomorrow, TOMS is also investing in the people and organizations that align with the identified issues. In the European market, initial project investments are being made on local issue areas including homelessness, female empowerment and social impact entrepreneurship.

We are working alongside non-profit partners including Centrepoint and Ashoka, and European changemakers Joshua Coombes, Ella Grace Denton, and Sara Nuru to tackle local issues but on a global scale.

The brand will continue its original One for One Giving programs – including shoes, sight restorations, and safe water.

With every TOMS purchase, you stand with us on issues that matter.


Since 2006, our One for One® programme has given 86 million pairs of shoes, 600,000 sight restorations and provided 600,000 weeks of safe water to communities around the world. The Stand for Tomorrow programme, marks an evolution in our corporate Giving model focusing on three key pillars namely DIGNITY, which tackles youth homelessness and inclusion, CONNECTION, which works to help women feel more empowered and PROGRESS, which promotes social entrepreneurship and conscious leadership. Alongside working with local changemakers to raise awareness of the key issues, we are also making financial investments to associated NGOs, charities and community organisations to support a range of outreach and awareness programmes.